Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

  • Since Sep 2016: Independent Research Analyst, associated with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), and Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville (UPO) (colaborador honorario)
  • April 2014 – June 2016: Postdoctoral Researcher in coordination team of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISI-MIP) at PIK
  • Aug 2008 – Mar 2014: Research Analyst to the Director John Schellnhuber at PIK
  • Jun 2005 – Jul 2008: PhD student at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) Berlin, with Rita Adrian and Dieter Gerten
  • Sep – Dec 2004: Internship at United Nation Environmental Program in Nairobi (UNEP)

Research Visits

  • Mar 2014 – Dec 2015: Visiting Scientist at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Seville (JRC-Seville), Spain
  • Sep – Dec 2007: Visiting student with Elena Litchman and Christopher Klausmeier at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan, USA (KBS)


  • 2005-2010: Graduate studies, University of Potsdam (Institute of Ecology/Ecosystem Modelling)
  • 2001-2004: Master in Biology/Ecology, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris
  • 1999-2001: Undergraduate studies of Biology, University of Konstanz

Awards and Scholarships

  • 2011: Michelson Award University of Potsdam
  • 2006: Young Scientist Award of the German Limnological Society
  • 2004: Carlo Schmid Program for internships in international organizations and EU institutions
  • 2002: Sélection Internationale of Ecole Normale Supérieure
  • 2001, 2007, 2011: German Academic Exchange Program
  • 1999 – 2004: German National Merit Foundation

Referee For

Nature Climate Change, American Naturalist, Global Change Biology, Freshwater Biology, Regional Environmental Change

Organization of Scientific Events

Publications (see here)

Selected Presentations and Workshops

  • 6 February 2017, Visit ISGlobal, Barcelona, Spain: Towards More Integrative Modelling of Climate Impacts on Human Health.
  • 23 June 2016, ISIMIP cross-sectoral workshop, Potsdam, Germany: Cold and Heat Related Mortality – Are Impacts Of Global Warming Instantaneous?
  • 3 February 2016, ECCET seminar, JRC-Sevilla, Spain: Climate Change Impacts on Human Health: Revisiting Estimates of Heat- and Cold-Related Mortality in FUND
  • 28 October 2015, ISIMIP cross-setoral workshop, Zürich, Switzerland: ISIMIP Health Sector – Past and Ongoing Activities
  • 10 April 2014, ECCET seminar, JRC-Sevilla, Spain: Climate Impacts Research – Beyond Patchwork
  • 28 October 2013, Dunkelkonzert, Potsdam, Germany: Mensch und Klimawandel – Eine seltsame Schleife?
  • 28 May 2013, Impacts World Conference, Potsdam, Germany: The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP)
  • 6-7 February 2012, ISIMIP Fast Track, Kickoff Workshop, PIK, Potsdam, Germany.
  • 14 December 2011, PIK Research Days: Adressing the Adaptation Myth
  • 20 October 2011, 5th IJP Alumni Conference, Berlin, Germany: Climate Change or Changing Climates?  The Struggle for Scientific Evidence
  • 26 September 2011, Hertie School of Governance, Seminar Claudia Kemfert, Berlin, Germany: Climate Skepticism Arguments: What Is Science? What Is Fiction? Motivation: Who profits? Who pays?
  • 22 September 2011, International Diplomats Programme, Potsdam, Germany: From Temperature Rise to Tipping Points – Fundamentals of Climate Science
  • 24 June 2011, PIK visit Representatives Daimler Crysler, Potsdam: 2°C – Grenze und einige grundlegende Eigenschaften des Klimasystems
  • 4 May 2011, Chlorophyll Workshop, PIK, Potsdam: Climate Impacts on Ocean Phytoplankton Learning from Lakes
  • 3 February 2011, Seminar Geographical Economics and Climate Change, TU Berlin, Germany: Skeptical Climate Science:  on trends, solar influences, and climate sensitivity
  • 27 October 2010, PIK PhD Days: The Discovery of Global Warming – Knut Ångström‘s Absorption Experiments
  • 23 October 2010, Klima-Seminar der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Märkisches Gildehaus Caputh, Germany: Klimazukunft – Was wissen wir ? Welche Handlungsoptionen gibt es?
  • 26 July 2010, Transatlantic Climate Bridge, Climate and Energy Workshop Series, Representative of German Industry and Trade, Washington, DC, USA: State of Climate Science & Seven Cardinal Innovations
  • 11 March 2010, Training Young Diplomats from Kosovo, PIK, Potsdam, Germany: Climate Change Science Update: On Weather, 2 Degrees, and Tipping Elements
  • 12 January 2010, Fortbildung Offiziersanwärter Bundeswehr, Europäische Akademie Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Waren (Müritz), Germany: Kopenhagen Diagnose
  • 7 April 2009, Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik, PIK, Potsdam, Germany: Sicherheitsrisiko Klimawandel
  • 4 December 2009, Guest lecture, Student seminar, Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Germany: 2°C-Grenze der globalen Erwärmung – Warum und Wie?